DUVALVI is a jewelery brand of 925% silver pieces.

From real people to real people. People with stories to tell, dreamers not afraid to dare. DUVALVI was born from a dream where jewelery is much more than just an accessory, but something as complete as being able to choose, every day, to be independent, eternal, elegant and daring.

DUVALVI is about emotions, stories and memories. Each piece represents the past, present and future, becoming transcendent to us.

Our jewelry is for people who are not afraid to be themselves, without limits. It doesn't matter your color, where you were born, your weight, where society wants you to be. 

DUVALVI believes in real people who always save space to be happy.

Trust, ethics and commitment.

Trust, ethics and commitment. In sequence, quality, honesty, seriousness and the will to do more and better, always. We look at our customers with the same respect that we think about our pieces because it is their stories that inspire us, becoming a little bit of our own.

We are jewelery retailers with license nº T7259 issued by INCM, at Contrastaria de Lisboa.

Heritable, reusable and sustainable.

Our jewelry is made of 925 Sterling Silver, which is a noble metal. Like gold, silver has the particularity of being able to be reused and recycled, always being able to become entirely new jewels. However, we seek to position ourselves alongside jewels with timeless designs, favoring reuse.

All our boxes are ECO-friendly as all materials come from an FSC®️ forest, where there is no cut wood other than what the forest can produce.