DUVALVI pieces promise to maintain their quality from day one.

Duvalvi jewels in 925 sterling silver never lose their initial quality, and it is possible that they will always continue to shine, being a timeless jewel that becomes part of us and our history. But for that, it is important to learn to take care of the pieces.

Despite its durability and cleanability, some of the most common tips to prevent pieces from losing their shine include: avoiding contact with sweat, perfumes or creams, protecting jewelry from sea water and corrosive agents (detergents, washing dishes, disinfectants...)

If you have to lift weights with your hands daily, we advise you to remove the rings, so as not to deform them (or injure yourself).

We are of the opinion that we should wear our jewelry frequently and without giving much importance to what should be avoided.

We believe that the magic of 925 sterling silver jewelry is being able to wear them daily without fear, as they can be cleaned very easily.