We believe that a DUVALVI jewel is to be used freely. There are several ways to clean 925 Sterling Silver, promoting the durability of the pieces and allowing them to maintain their shine.

Clean 925 sterling silver jewelry with a metal cleaner.

One of the most practical methods for cleaning silver jewelry is with a metal cleaner (eg Duraglit).

Clean the jewelry with a piece of cotton with the product.

Remove all the product with kitchen paper.

Wash the jewelry in hot soapy water and dry it with a soft cloth.

Tip: It is advisable to do this process using gloves.

Clean 925 sterling silver jewelry with baking soda.

Using baking soda becomes very efficient, especially for treating small parts that get dark.

Cover a bowl with aluminum foil, leaving the aluminum foil matte side down.

Gradually add hot water to the bowl and then two tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate.

Dip the jewelry and let it act for 10 to 15 minutes.

Remove the jewelry and clean it with a soft cloth.

Tip: You can repeat the process if necessary.